A Complete Solution What To Check For When Buying A Used Car

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There are several things to check for when you start looking to buy a used car.

If you have ever asked what to check for when buying a used car and what to look out for when said used car is coming from a private owner, you are not alone, strange, or weird because these are the two most asked questions pertaining to buying a used car.

Buying a brand new car can be daunting when you do not have enough cash.

Well, you do not need to worry because the availability of used cars has made it easy to get a car of your own at a budget-friendly cost and a lot of individuals opt for used cars and are happy with it too.

If you need to know how safe it is to buy a used car then there are several things to check for when buying a used car.

What To Check For When Buying A Used Car

Without any more delay, let us take a look at this list of what to check for when buying a used car.

Get The Vehicle History Checked

Checking the vehicle history is one of the most important things to do when buying a used car.

Ensure that you get enough informing concerning the car from a dealer or owner.

You can use the popular CarFax service to check whether the car has had any repairs, accidents declared stolen, and other information.

You can get all of this information and history reports by running a VIN check on the vehicle or simply ask the dealer for the history report.

Check The Condition Of The Car

This point is as important as the first; you must check the internal and external conditions of the vehicle.

Even though the car has had an owner before you, it ought to be in good shape to ensure you get value for your money.

You can test drive the car to ensure all systems like engine, wheels, cooling, steering, and others are in top shape.

In your check, remember to allow a good technician to check the car. With these checks, you can ascertain whether or not you need to repair anything in the vehicle after purchase or abandon the car altogether.

Do A Thorough Check On The Registration Certificate (RC)

If you would like to know if the vehicle is being sold for the first, second, or third time this is the check you need to carry out.

You can get all of that knowledge via the owner serial number in the registration certificate that displays how many times the car has been purchased.

All you need to do is filling and submit forms 30 and 29 provided by the RTO. As you do this, remember that the form must be signed by the previous owner and you.

Additionally, ensure that all dues have been paid by the previous owner like road tax.

Check The Insurance Validity Of The Car

Several individuals pay very little attention to this but it is a necessity to get the existing insurance papers of the vehicle checked.

Of course, you need to know why it is important to check the validity of the car insurance, well the thing about these checks is that they will help you know if the vehicle has been involved in any insurance-related issues or accidents.

Check The Car’s Tires

This check is a no brainer but we had to highlight it for those that will not about it. One of the most fundamental elements of cars is tires.

One important thing to look out for during this check is the date the tires were manufactured to ascertain the state of the tires.

Ensure that every dimension of the tire match one another. As a result of tires with poor alignment, you mostly get to see extra wear or uneven treads on car tires, this means that there may be issues in frames, suspension, and steering.

Check The Car’s Mileage

If checking and ascertaining the mileage of a used car is a challenge for you then that issue ends now.

To ascertain if the used car has a low or high mileage all you need to do is divide the vehicle’s age by the number on the odometer.

Mileage displays a piece of very important information about the past usage of the car.

A vehicle with high mileage is likely to have more wear and tear as opposed to a vehicle with low mileage.

If a vehicle manufactured a few years back displays high mileage that indicates it was vigorously and intensely utilized which may not be a good choice.

Check The Car’s Air Conditioning System

Everybody likes some air, especially during summertime. In terms of comfort, what to check for when buying a used car is the air conditioner. Check if the units of the AC are working properly or if they work at all.

Additionally, check if the compressor has any leakage or it has an earlier crack. You can fix this or get a new one, whichever you can afford.

However, it is highly recommended that you get a brand new one for durability purposes.

Check The Paint Job And For Scratches

The term that you only get one chance at a first impression speaks volumes when buying a used car.

When you realize that your preferred used car has many dents and scratches, your zest to attain that vehicle delineates.

Sometimes these scratches are visible regardless of the dust film applied on the vehicle.

If you come across a vehicle that looks good and has a few dents that can be fixed when convenient, then you have nothing to worry about.

Ensure to watch out for any paint chip or rusty spot when inspecting the car both internally and externally.

Do not let your zest delineate by the localized rust patch because this is a minor problem that can be seamlessly fixed.

Check The Car’s Trunk

Yes, this point may make you feel like a cop pulling over a suspect on the road, in this rundown of what to check for when buying a used car it is a very vital point.

The trunk of any vehicle is an imperative component that you must bear in mind when purchasing a used car.

Several experts in the automobile field have stated that the trunk of a vehicle showcases the car’s utility and it gives you an idea of how the previous owner handled it.

Additionally, ensure that the spare tire placed underneath the trunk is check.

That tire under the trunk must be in good condition, if it is in bad shape then there is a probability that the tire has been involved in an accident.

You should also check this area to see if you can find any openings for rust and water because these can cause cracks and holes that will need to be fixed immediately rather than in the nearest future.

If you find these issues in the vehicle, make an estimated of the repairs to be made before deciding. If the cost of repair is too much, then you may need to let the used vehicle go.

Check The State Of The Car Seats  

Nobody wants to drive in an uncomfortable vehicle, for this reason, you need your car seats to be competent. When buying a used car, endeavor to check the vehicle’s interior.

Most importantly, the car seats give you an idea if the car was properly by the previous owner or owners.

If the seat of the car is full of stain, dirt, and dust this means that the previous owner did not take care of the vehicle accordingly.

If the used car included simple electrical alignment, heated seats, or alignment memory then do not fail to check them to make sure they are still functional.

Additionally, remember to check the fabric utilized in the upholstery of the car seat whether or not it needs to be changed any time soon.

Check All The Vehicle Lights

This is another point that also involves both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

The car lights need to be inspected properly because they are one of the most important components that must be checked if you intend to buy a used vehicle.

Ensure that the emergency lights, taillights, signal lights, and all the headlights are in top shape.

Additionally, ensure that all the interior led light bulbs are in great shape and not damaged.

If the vehicle has xenon lights, it is best to check it at night time whether both headlights have different colors.

However, you should be concerned if the intensity of the xenon lights heightens.

Sometimes you may notice that the bulb has already be changed with a different type of bulb which means that there is likely to be a color difference that may not sit well with you.

Check The Engine For Corrosion Or Leaks

One thing that comes to mind when checking for stuff in a used car, the engine is top of the list because it is the epicenter of any vehicle. Everyone knows this, even individuals who do not own a vehicle.

The most vital component of a vehicle is the engine. In the absence of an engine, your vehicle is just large copulation of metals.

Without a properly functioning engine, the purpose of the car can never be met.

According to experts in the automobile industry, gasket leakage is likely a cause of dark brown stains that you can see on the engine blocks. This engine stain may result in high-end repairs.

Ensure that you check whether the car engine has been cleaned recently with no dust signs on the cover of the engine.

If you find such a thing then it may mean that the owner or dealer has something to conceal.

In such a scenario it is highly recommended that the car is taken to the closest mechanic for further checkup.

Check For Rust Damage In The Car’s Underbody

When buying a used car, you need to take the car to a mechanic that has elevators.

This will help to seamlessly elevate the car to gain access to its underbody and exhaust system.

If black spots are found on the exhaust then it could mean there may be a leakage that has not been detected.

Inspect the used car
Inspect the used car
Photo credit: autolist.com

Additionally, manually check the exhaust with a finger to see if it has greasy grime within because this may mean serious issues with the vehicle.

If you see a white vapor while the engine is running then this may be an issue that needs to be tackled.

Once the car is lifted you can check the frame of the car to see any signs of rust which may be a reason to be worried.

As you do this, remember to lift the hood also because some car problems like dents, rust, or incident traces may be noticed there.

Do A Test Drive And Check The Clunking Noise When Going Over Bumps And Turning

When you go on a test drive which is usually the last and sort of a compulsory thing to do when buying a used car.

Take your desired car for a long test drive, check if there is any trepidation or clunking noise while the car makes a turn.

Do not forget to carry out this test drive at a slow speed rate. As you do so turn off all sorts of distractions like the music and radio system, so no noise gets past you.

Final Thoughts

We are certain that after going through this painstakingly researched rundown of what to check for when buying a used car.

A used car is a budget-friendly decision especially when a brand new car is beyond your reach.

It is also recommended to get a used car for your first vehicle as it will give you an idea of handling a car before you are ready for a new one.

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