The Best Car Safety Devices To Get For Your Car

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Nevertheless, there are different vehicle safety devices you need to know. This article lists and explains some of the best car safety devices you should get in your car.

Day after day, we realize that the current technologies powering our daily lifestyle are posing harmful threats to our health.

Thus, researchers continually carry our tests and studies to come up with safer technologies, and they come up with a handy result – it is commonly referred to as an “innovation.”

Technology innovations saw us move from trusting ICEs to EVs, and we’re also being promised of autonomous vehicles.

A lot of hi-tech, flexible features and systems are now being integrated into today’s car to make them safer for everyone.

You’ve heard of car safety features, now how about car safety devices? When “car safety” is mentioned, it simply refers to things that help improve safety for drivers and passengers in a car.

While cars now come with a bunch of safety features, your budget will tell if you’re going to buy one with all the safety features you wish to get or not.

Quick Notice: Car safety devices can mean the same as car safety features.

Nowadays, automobiles are designed to be smart and easy to synchronize with smartphones.

There two topics discussed in this article:

  • Car Safety Devices (Built-in)
  • Car Safety Devices from Theft (3rd-party)

Car Safety Devices

These devices are verified to help protect the driver and passenger(s) in a car during the case of a collision or accident.

Because these devices are believed to offer some level of protection, auto buyers do consider looking out for them before paying to buy off a particular vehicle from a dealership’s lot.

They also contribute to the overall car safety ratings. Learn how Car Safety Recalls works.

1. Child restraint seat

In some countries and regions, it is expected that every child passenger below 8 years must be placed in a restraint seat.

This is a way of ensuring that the baby will be safe during the case of an accident or collision.

To properly restrain a child in a restrain seat means the lap belt is on the hips and touching the upper thighs, while the shoulder belt passes across the center of the child’s chest.

Sometimes, this car safety device is referred to as a “booster seat,” “car restraint system,” or “child safety seat.” While this car safety device is available on most cars by default, some people need to buy 3rd party car restraint seats.

2. Airbag system

As common as it may look, airbags are still very important car safety systems that should never be overlooked.

However, there are some people that do not see airbags as safety gear, but this doesn’t dismiss the fact that airbags have saved many lives in critical accident situations.

Nowadays, cars come with advanced airbag systems that deploy the bags from different angles to ensure that both the driver and passengers in a car are well protected.

Also, airbags are designed to work with the car seat belts to hold back anyone in the car against severe head and chest injuries in the case of a collision.

See our guide on:

It takes around 40ms for airbags to inflate after the relevant sensors detect an inevitable impact.

Nevertheless, if a passenger is not wearing a seatbelt, the airbags can be dangerous – to work efficiently, airbags are paired with the car seatbelt system – as the seatbelt stiffens, the bags pop out to keep the passenger or driver from hitting what’s in front or sideways.

Some automakers are reportedly working on active seatbelt systems that will deploy the bags prior to the inevitable crash or collision.

3. Passenger and Backup Sensing Systems

As we keep advancing, autos keep getting newer features; some of these features may have been existing, but their improved versions keep churning out, while some are totally new and worthwhile.

The passenger sensing system is available on today’s vehicles with the intention of helping to minimize the rate at which infants get injured during collisions, accidents, or severe impacts on a vehicle.

A passenger sensing system is more like an advanced airbag system that works in this manner.

It identifies that someone is sitting in the front passenger seat and communicates with the airbag system to know whether or not the bags should be deployed under uncertain situations.

Advanced versions of this car safety device can tell a lot of important information about a car’s front passenger.

In contrast, a backup sensor system helps to alert you when you are too close to an obstacle at the rear side of your vehicle.

This is the basic function of this safety system; nevertheless, on some vehicles that come with the advanced versions – a backup sensor system could perform more than just sending audible alerts for objects that are at your back.

You will mostly find this tech on SUVs and sedans. It is reported that backup sensors have helped to reduce rear collisions.

4. Pre-Crash or Pre-Collisions Systems

Just as the name implies, a pre-crash or pre-collision system simply refers to a safety tech/device available on today’s car to notify a driver of a potential collision or crash.

There are quite many names for this tech, and it is integrated into different devices/components to achieve efficiency and supposed effectiveness.

However, irrespective of the codename (given by the automaker), the technology carries out the same task on vehicles that come with it.

Cameras, sensors, and radars are some of the tech devices that make up this hi-tech safety system found on many cars.

Here’s an example of how this technology works.

The sensors and radars detect that you’re speeding closely to an obstacle or another vehicle, and then sends a warning/alert (that appears on your car dashboard) urging you to slow down or bring the car to a stop.

Advanced versions of this tech are designed to automatically apply the brakes when it appears the driver isn’t responding to the warning or alerts. This is believed to improve safety and reduce accidents.

This tech can be interchangeably called a pre-crash system, forward-collision warning system, or collision mitigation system.

The simple aim is to prevent and reduce the impact of an accident or collision.

5. Hi-tech Driver-Assist Systems

With the advent of driver-assist technology, quite a lot of auto devices have emerged to help integrate the tech into modern cars.

Different automakers include unique driver-assistance suites to improve safety.

This driver-assistant suite can come with a lot of packages, devices, and hi-tech features to ascertain its efficiency.

If you’ve heard of blind-spot monitoring, attention-assist, AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking), and others, they are all-inclusive features of a typical driver-assistance suite.

What’s included in this suite is liable to differ based on the automaker. However, the function(s) is similar. You will want to know How to match a car stereo with speakers.

Anti-Theft Car Safety Devices

An anti-theft device is a car safety device that helps to protect your car from being stolen or accessed without your consent.

When you integrate some anti-theft systems in your car, they help to lock down several important components of a car, making it impossible for a burglar to drive away with the car.

These devices can be purchase from various stores (offline and online).

6. Steering Wheel Lockers

Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock device is such that locks up your car steering and prevents unauthorized persons from moving the car.

There is quite a different steering wheel locking devices out there sold at different prices, but how would you know the best to use?

Well, we recommend The Club 1103 LX Series Steering Wheel Lock – it is available on Amazon for below $50, and it is very much reliable for SUV, truck, vans, and car owners.

This particular anti-theft car safety device is designed with the manufacturer’s self-locking tech that activates in just one pull. More so, this device is lightweight and reliable.

7. Pedal Brake Locks

Pedal Brake Locks

Another car safety device you should think of buying is a pedal brake locker.

This gear works and looks like the steering wheel lock – it secures the pedals.

For a car to move, the pedals must be engaged, and in a situation where the pedals won’t work because they’re locked, it literally interprets that the car cannot be moved.

There are equally different pedal locking devices you can get to use in protecting your car against theft; however, we recommend the Vechkom Brake Pedal Lock.

Particularly, this anti-theft device is reliable to use on any car, and it comes with hooks at the ends, which means that you’ll lock your steering and the brake pedal at a go.

It is a multipurpose car safety device that can also act as a hammer or self-defense gear. Vechkom Brake Pedal Lock is available on Amazon below $40.

8. GPS Devices

GPS Tracker

The need for third-party GPS devices declined when modern cars start coming with advanced positioning systems.

Nevertheless, a third-party GPS device obviously falls among car safety devices.

There are hi-tech GPS devices that can be gotten from stores to track your vehicle’s location in real-time.

This car safety device is highly recommended if your automobile does not come with a built-in hi-tech GPS.

Particularly, we’d recommend the Optimus Tracker GPS package; it is the bestselling car GPS tech on Amazon with lots of positive feedback from customers.

The system allows you to discreetly monitor your vehicle in real-time.

Interestingly, the battery-powered hardware unit lasts for quite a long time, and you will receive updates via email or text messages about the status of your car.

Install the Optimus Tracker mobile app for Android or iOS on your smartphone to explore the full features of this hi-tech GPS device.

9. Hi-Tech Car Key Protectors

Hi-Tech Car Key Protectors

According to reports, for each 42 seconds intervals, cars get stolen in the US, and these car thieves now make use of hi-tech gadgets / devices to carry out their dubious acts.

Hence, to counter their efforts, you need a higher-tech device.

It is verified that most car thefts go through “signal amplification,” which implies the thief gained access to your car through car-key fob signals.

However, when you use an advanced car safety device such as a car key fob signal blocking pouch bag, you will be able to prevent these thieves from reading your car key signals.

Particularly, the Monojoy hi-tech pouch bag helps to restrict RFID scanners & readers from recording the RFID signals from what’s kept inside.

This way, you can protect your car from theft in a very comfortable way.

The pouch is light, portable, and quite fancy – the silver-coated inner layer does the signal blocking job.

This pouch works for keyfobs, Wi-Fi cards, thumb drives, and other devices that send out signals.

There are quite other similar hi-tech packs that are reliable and fairly priced.

However, we prefer Monojoy gear because it really works for the purpose.

10. Alarm Systems

Car Alarm Security

Integrating a hi-tech car alarm system will add some level of security. You will be able to unlock and lock your car instantly with the press of a button.

Car alarm systems are typically budget-friendly (including the advanced systems).

We recommend Install Gear’s all-in-one car security system that contains dual 4-button remotes, car alarm device, keyless entry, LED indicator light, and trunk pop features.

It is basically an all-in-one system because it is a car alarm security system with a unique suite of handy features.

This car safety device works for all cars, and it is easy to install.


This article has extensively covered the various car safety devices you should know about.

There are most car safety features installed on various cars; however, for more assurance, you can purchase third-party car safety devices to protect your car from theft and other mayhems.

Also, the recommended devices in this article were carefully selected – they are reliable to use and efficiently serve for the purpose.

More auto news can be read from our homepage, or you can browse the various categories on this site.

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