My Car Caught On Fire Will My Insurance Cover It?

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One good thing about insurance is that you can insure virtually anything you value against numerous scenarios, including fire outbreaks.

So, if you were asking, “my car caught on fire, will my insurance cover it?” The answer can be “YES” or “NO,” depending on your insurance package.

If you went for a comprehensive coverage plan, your car should be insured against fire; some insurers may offer you an add-on package to protect you from fire damage to your car.

So, basically, your insurance plan determines if you’d be the one to bear the cost of your car sustaining fire damages or your insurer.

Interestingly, this article explains – in detail – how you can get your car insured against fire accidents or incidents. Notwithstanding, insurance plans covering this type of damage are pretty expensive to add to your package.

My Car Caught On Fire Will My Insurance Cover It?

Different insurers offer different terms and conditions for their plans and coverage packages. Your car may be insured against fire accidents depending on your plan and add-on packages.

car on fire

Apparently, if your insurance plan doesn’t include fire accident coverage, there’s no way your insurer would come in to help you in such situations.

Then again, even if your car is insured against fire accidents, there are conditions that apply; this may include the cause of the fire accident, the level of damage, and some other conditions – these things simply vary from insurer to insurer.

In case you’re sure of the level of coverage you’ve got on your vehicle, you’re fully eligible to ask your insurer for clearer explanations. See our guide about storm damage coverage.

What Type of Insurance Coverage Includes Fire Accidents?

You can get fire coverage as an add-on feature for your selected insurance coverage, but a comprehensive car coverage plan typically includes protection against fire damages (without any additional add-on).

Of course, what’s included in comprehensive car coverage plans differs by insurance company – you should read through the details before purchasing.

Comprehensive Coverage (Comp)

Typically, comprehensive car coverage can protect you against arson, garage fires, engine fires, and fires caused by accidents.

Comprehensive Coverage (Comp)

But you must have to submit an official police report to your insurer to get them to pay for the damages your vehicle sustained from the fire situation.

Also, you must have purchased the comprehensive insurance package before the fire accident; otherwise, the whole cost is on you.

Note: Even though you have comprehensive coverage, most insurance companies will only pay $2,500 if the fire damage repair cost exceeds $3,000. You also have a $500 deductible on your plan.

How To File a Fire Complaint To My Insurance Company?

The moment you discover that your vehicle has caught fire, you should try putting out the fire, then contact your insurance company immediately to inform them of the situation.

After that, you’d need to get a police report to push the complaint further.

Apparently, the insurance company would come to inspect the vehicle, try to understand the cause of the fire, and communicate with you on how they can come in to help.

But remember, you must have got comprehensive coverage before pushing this complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Comp Insurance Cover Fire Damages?

It’s called comprehensive (comp) coverage for a reason, which is also why it is the most expensive plan to get.

Comp insurance should cover you for fire damages, but some companies may not include fire insurance in their comprehensive insurance plan.

That said, ensure to carefully read through the features of an insurer’s comp package before making payment.

What Fire Damages Do Insurance Companies Cover?

Depending on your plan and package, your insurance company may cover any type of fire damage on your vehicle – whether it is garage fire, arson, engine fire, electrical fire, or any other type of fire damage – the main thing is what’s included in your plan!

Car Fire Insurance Claim Process?

There is no particular procedure to get your claim to your insurer. Basically, you should try to put out the fire and ensure your safety – and that of anyone else in the fire environment.

Shortly after that, you inform designated authorities in your city or state and then get a call across to your insurance company – the insurer would let you know other steps to take.

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