Can I Be On My Parents Car Insurance If The Car Is In My Name?

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Auto insurance is quite costly, so young drivers prefer to be included in their parent’s insurance plans. But these things don’t work straightforwardly; if you want to be covered under your parent’s insurance plan, there are prior steps you must take.

Can I be on my parents’ car insurance if the car is in my name? The simple answer is NO.

If your car is indicated to be solely owned by you, then you can’t be covered by your parent’s plan. You must get a separate plan for yourself.

Well, this article explains everything you should know about merging insurance coverage with your parents.

The insurance company, selected plan, and location/state all affect what you can get from the plan.

Can I Be On My Parents Car Insurance If The Car Is In My Name?

Many young drivers, usually under-25-year-olds, who still live with their parents, always look out for ways to cut down on the cost of owning a car, especially when it’s their first car.

That’s not a bad idea anyway, but you should know how these things work, and that’s what we’re explaining in this article.

Auto insurance is very important; it’s even compulsory in some states – you can’t drive without getting insurance coverage. Insurance costs are part of the reasons young drivers choose their cars carefully.

Why? The insurance costs of certain vehicles are on the high side, and they may not be able to afford that. Hence, most of these youngsters add themselves to their parent’s plans.

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But, there are rules that apply to auto insurance policies; you can be on your parents’ insurance coverage if certain conditions are valid.

When you purchase a new car and register it under your name, you may never be eligible to get under your parent’s insurance coverage even if you’re below 20 years old.

Registering a new car under your name (which means being the car’s title holder) disqualifies you from getting insurance under someone else unless the person you want to get insured under is included as a co-owner of the car – in the title document.

Living in your parent’s house is not enough reason for insurance companies to add you to your parents’ plan.

Enough said already, hereunder are conditions that make you eligible to be added to your parents’ insurance policy coverage. You’d be added to your parent’s car insurance coverage if:

  • You live in the same house with your parents (not all auto insurance issuers support this rule).
  • Your parents’ name is/are included as co-owners of the car.
  • The car insurance company allows parents to add their children to their plan for an additional plan fee or after meeting specific requirements.

So, if you meet the requirements above, you could save yourself up to $2,000 on annual full coverage.

If you live in a city where auto insurance is mandatory, you’d definitely understand why most people want to share the same insurance plan.

All the same, sharing insurance coverage with someone else means you live with them in the same house and co-own the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can I Stay On My Parents’ Car Insurance?

If you got into the insurance plan because you live with your parents (a household insurance plan), then your eligibility elapses when you move out of your parent’s house.

Also, as far as you’re listed as a “Driver” in the insurance plan, you’re covered. Full-time college students are also covered by their parent’s insurance policy.

Can I Be On My Parents’ Car Insurance If I Don’t Live With Them?

Unfortunately, if you’re going to be on your parent’s insurance, one of the core requirements is that you must be living with them.

If you’re not living with your parents, even if you visit frequently, you’re not eligible to be added to their insurance plan – you will need to apply for your own insurance plan.

Is Insurance Cheaper For Young Drivers?

No, car insurance prices are higher for young drivers than for older people. However, when you age above 60, the costs become even more expensive.

On average, young drivers pay up to $2,000 on auto insurance (full coverage) annually, while adults between 30 – 50 years old pay about $1,700.

Will I Be On My Parent’s Car Insurance If They Bought Me The Car?

If your parents bought you a car and registered it under your name, you can’t be added to their insurance plan.

But if the car was registered with your parent’s name, then you can be in their insurance plan as long as you live with them.

What More?

“Can I be on my parents’ car insurance if the car is in my name?” The simple answer is NO. To be in your parent’s insurance, their name(s) must be listed as the owner of the vehicle.

Notwithstanding, different auto insurance companies have different insurance policy variations.

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